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Chennai is the capital city of Indian state of Tamil Nadu and is situated on the Coromondal coast of Bay of Bengal. Chennai is the fifth most populous city in India and fourth most thickly settled metropolitan area. The population of Chennai is 4.34 million according to 2001 census.

Chennai boasts of fertile historical inheritance which adds an incredible appeal to the city. The Portuguese came here in the sixteenth century and were followed by the Dutch and then East India Company. The British were able to create their unchallenged domination in the city and the Fort St. George became the hub around which the British agency developed and expanded.

The blooming economy of the city is accredited to its fundamental industries: auto, software, hardware, petrochemicals, fabrics and financial services. Chennai is generally known as Gateway to South India and it is well linked to other parts and internationally.

Nowadays, the city has become a crucible of other cultures and languages too with a sizable number of people from Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka making Chennai their home. You can taste cuisine from different parts of India as well as international gourmet varieties. But the flavour of the local cuisine is the best.

There are many places of tourist attraction such as Marina, Parathasarathy temple, Santhome Basilica Cathedral, Mahabalipuram, or the Snake Park, Vandalur zoo and mega entertainment malls.

Places to visit

High Court Building

Fort St. George

St. Mary's Church

Government Museum

Vivekananda Museum

Valluvar Kottam

Development Center for Musical Instruments

St. Andrews Church

Sri Parthasarthy Temple